Cashlin Snow

Voiceover Artist & Voice Actor. Director. Producer.

Elaine McBeth / Cashlin Snow Sketch Portrait

Available for creative fan & derivative works of a wide variety! Non-union. I specialize in Sonic character voices, but also voice for other types of voices & non-Sonic content. Just drop me a sample and find out! SFW projects only!

I currently voice, or have voiced Sonic the Hedgehog characters Rouge the Bat, Vanilla the Rabbit, Cream the Rabbit, Princess Sally Acorn, Blaze the Cat, Princess Sonia, Queen Aleena, Wave the Swallow, Maria Robotnik, Tikal the Echidna, Agent Topaz, Tangle the Lemur, Whisper the Wolf--even Longclaw! Also cool with minor and extras!

Would you like to contact me for voice work? Just send me an email or message me on one of these social media spaces:

Please take note of my voicing terms and conditions before you contact me. Thank you!

Voice Acting Education

  1. Voice Acting 201 - Closing Credits - Deb Munro
  2. Authenticity in Voiceover - Debra Sperling
  3. Improv - Closing Credits - June Yoon
  4. Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting Masterclass
  5. Voice Acting Fundamentals Class - Palace Dawson
  6. Advanced Voice Acting Class - Palace Dawson
  7. Private Voice Acting Lessons - Palace Dawson
  8. Directing 101 - Palace Dawson

She is an amazing Voice Actress as well as an amazing person in general. Every single interaction I've had with Cashlin has been beyond pleasant and top it off with that, she is EXTREMELY responsible. Not once did Cashlin turn in lines after the deadline, there was ALWAYS space for me to judge her lines and get any corrections I'd want done for them before the deadline hit. Not to mention her insanely flexible voice, she was able to voice NUMEROUS characters in my project, with all of them sounding completely different. She has lots of talent and potential to become an even better Voice Actress, you will NOT regret getting her on your project!


Producer - Rebirth

Sonic the Hedgehog Voice Samplers

Selected Work


Producer: CaptainCat017
Voice Actor: Ms Saint Eve (Antagonist) Finished

Dubbed with permission. HAXOR follows a team of justice-minded users as they discover and hack into the software of a high-tech company. The antagonist Ms Saint Eve heads up the investigation to stop them. View Full Playlist.

Charity Chaos

Casting Director, Voice Director, Video Producer
Voice Actor: Rouge, Blaze, Cream, Misc

Charity Chaos is one of the ongoing productions on my YT channel.

Babysitting Adventures

Producer: Bafooba
Voice Actor: Thaddea

In this story, Thaddea and her brother are begrudgingly babysat by an incompetent, pretty man named April. Comic dubbed with permission.


Producer: ZaxV2
Voice Actor: Lena, Alix, Misc. Ongoing

Rebirth is an ongoing webcomic by 69Michi. A spin on post-apocalyptic, with "magic" and "undead". Comic dubbed with permission. View Full Playlist.

Shadow's First Christmas

Producer: Pixelrush
Voice Actor: Sally, Rouge, Vanilla, Cream. Ongoing

Pixelrush is a Sonic content SFM animator. In this animation, I voice Sally. Ongoing, I voice whichever character is needed in the provided scripts. Other animations: Omega's Pancake Problem (Rouge). Chaotix Cookie Caper (Vanilla).

Sonic Ops: Episode 1-3

Producer: System509
Voice Actor: Sally Acorn. Ongoing

System509 produces the ongoing Sonic Ops animated series featuring a full Sonic cast. Sally Acorn appears in episode 2. See also Episode 3.

Legacy Uncut: Broken Pedestal

Producer: Cashlin Snow; Writer: Ninebreaker
Voice Actor: Aleena Ongoing

Part of Sonic Legacy, Broken Pedestal is an audio story featuring Tails' musings of Sonic's personality as he chats with Sonic's mother, Aleena.

A Sea3on Christmas Carol!

Producer: SegaGirl101
Voice Actor: Sally

SegaGirl101 is Sonic content dubbing channel. Ongoing, I voice Sally, Rouge, Vanilla, Misc characters. See also Sonic Has A Mom!? (Longclaw) and Sonic and Blaze Tea Time (Blaze).

Yuki Hoshikawa Storytelling Roleplays

Producer: Master Dimentio
Voice Actor: Yuki Hoshikawa

Yuki is a soft- and breathy-spoken girl with a sweet attitude. Daily life and then some happen through these narratated stories/roleplays.

Goth University

Producer: Eno Spi
Voice Actor: Maid, Librarian

A young woman decides to attend Goth-U and her welcome is odd, to say the least. Dubbed with permission.