Sonic Character Voicing Terms & Conditions

Please note that when it comes to voicing Sonic franchise characters, there are a few things I am not voicing at this time. I must vet people a bit to protect my reputation and to respect IP/franchise intellectual property/copyright. And as I offer my time and talent to voice (usually) pro-bono for Sonic projects, in return, it's fair for me to list some requirements and terms:

Firstly, please, no server or group invites. I am at my 100 server limit and I cannot leave any at this time. They are all pruned and I am in every single one of them for a purpose.

SEGA/Affiliate Canon/Official Content:

At this time, prior to previous commitments existing with others, I will not be taking on voicing roles in any of the following official content:

  1. Dubs or Re-Dubs of Official Sonic Games.
  2. Dubs or Re-Dubs of any Official Sonic/SEGA Cartoons: SatAM, Sonic X, Sonic Underground, etc. Fan continuations (like SatAM season 3 projects) I will consider.
  3. Dubs of any Official SEGA/Affiliated Comics: Archie, Fleetway, IDW, or others.
  4. Basically, any Sonic, Sega, or SEGA-Affiliated Subsidiary, etc, content on the official market, I will not participate in.

I also am not voicing in these content types:

  1. Plush
  2. Stop Motion
  3. Puppets
  4. Crossovers
  5. Underaged ships with characters doing anything "in a relationship" (Tails/Cosmo, Tails/Cream, etc).
  6. Any fan-created thing (comic, animation, etc) that you did not get clear permission to dub or make a version of.
  7. "Fan player voice packs" for fan games. I will voice in "official voice packs" (as the "official" voice) for Sonic fan games.
  8. Besides existing commitment in such, VR Chat, Minecraft, YT livestreams, or any other "virtual" or game experience roleplaying as the character.
  9. Besides existing commitment in such, in-server casual text or voice roleplays. I may consider if the "roleplay" as the character has some structure, point, storyline, etc.

But, I will gladly voice in fan-created Sonic content! This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Almost any "original" fan story (fan-created comic, audio piece, game, 2D & 3D animation, etc).
  2. Fan Sonic projects that don't use or rely on official SEGA/Sonic content - aka, the fan projects need to primarily rely on their own stories, voice actors, visuals, 2D/3D rendered models, and other assets. Sonic music and some official Sonic SFX are fine.

Lastly, I will not participate in any kind of Sonic content that has any of the following included in the story/content:

  1. Any racist/racially-targeted themes.
  2. Discrimination of any kind: racial, religious, gender, etc.
  3. Hate speech.
  4. Swearing/Language, including common use of Hell and Damn. This is not limited to, "your character won't swear." If other characters swear, I will not participate. Dumb, stupid, silly, idiot are acceptable for 'negative language'.
  5. Sexual content beyond a kiss or a hug now and then. I will not participate in Lemons or Limes.
  6. Content with the purpose to antagonize others (like, SonAmy content purposefully created to promote that ship and insult/put down other ships).

In addition, it's super helpful if you have your project at a decent stage into pre-production. I may decline voicing or even considering sending you auditions if you do not have at least the following ready:

  1. A decent summary you can send me about your project. I WILL NOT voice for you if you send me any kind of messages like, "I have a Sonic project going on. X needs a voice. Interested?" This tells me nothing about your project and I will not commit myself blindly even to auditions without proper information to consider first.
  2. In your project overview summary, please try to at least include the following: What is it? What format is it? Is it single or multi-episodic? Is it family-friendly? Any OCs? Any language? If this is a dub from a fan creation (like a comic)? Is it yours, or did you get the artist/author's permission to dub it?
  3. Please practice decent punctuation, sentence structure, and English grammar. I've been messaged often by people that write in confusing run-on sentences and vague descriptions. I may decline based on that alone.
  4. Please have audition lines, for current or future auditions. Any response of, "make them up/improv," or, "I dunno," may result in my instant refusal to audition.
  5. A script finished or nearly finished.
  6. Your staff in good order, if you need any video editors, sound editors, directors, etc.

*page content subject to change anytime.